• Powerful performance: The Travel XP provides 44% more thrust than the standard Travel model, making it ideal for bigger boats and challenging conditions.
  • 5 HP-equivalent: With 1600 W of electric power, the Travel XP offers the equivalent thrust of a 5 HP outboard motor, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.
  • Lightweight and portable: The Travel XP’s motor weighs just 12.6 kg (27.8 lbs), making it easy to handle and install.
  • Lithium battery: The Travel XP is available with a high-capacity 1425 Wh lithium battery pack (9.6 kg) that’s easy to use, and it supports various charging options, including solar power.
  • Emission-free boating: Experience emission-free and eco-friendly boating with the Travel XP, contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.
    • Bigger boat? More challenging conditions? Look to the Power Package! The Travel XP forms the heart of the Power Package, and with 25% more thrust than the Travel, it has the grit to get the job done. At 1600 W of pure electric power, the Travel XP is the most powerful outboard with an integrated battery available from industrial production. This 5 HP-equivalent, high-thrust outboard is perfect for heavier boats up to 2 tons or more demanding applications, boating in coastal waters, or overcoming windy or wavy conditions. The ultra-quiet and reliable direct drive motor is lightweight and easy to handle at just 12.6 kg (27.8 lbs). It’s easy to install and use, too, with a stable handle on the shaft head, a handy lever for quick steering adjustments (360° // ±60° // fixed), and flexible tilt and trim positions. Emission-free boating just powered up – experience the Travel XP today!


      Torqeedo Tavel XP

      – Backlit color display

      – Always up to date via firmware updates through the App

      The battery is the core of an emission-free drive system, and the Travel XP’s Power Package benefits from a whopping 1425 Wh integrated lithium pack that’s still easy to handle at 9.6 kg (21 lbs). A click-and-play design means no more cables to connect, and a handy LED lets you know charge status at a glance, even when your battery is not connected. Simply plug in to charge with the fast 180 W mains charger, charge directly from the boat with the 12V/24V charge cable, or even go solar with the solar charge cable and solar panels up to 200 Wp! Torqeedo has offered lithium battery-powered marine drives since 2005, and we offer the most comprehensive and integrated protection and safety concept for lithium batteries on the market. Charge into the future of marine mobility with the Power Package!

      Torqeedo Travel 1103

    High performance, speed and range

    As tested on a one-class racing sailboat

    Speed in km/h* Range in km* Running time in hours*
    Slow 5.8 18.2 3:08
    Half throttle 7.6 11.9 1:34
    Full throttle 9.4 7.4 0:47

    * Depends on type of boat, load, propeller and conditions. Speed and range indications do not represent a legal guarantee.


    • Specifications / Technical Data

      Input power (continuous) 1.600 W
      Recommend Battery (Li-Ion) 1.425 Wh
      Shaft Length S: 62,5 cm (ideal for 15 inch transom height)
      L: 75,0 cm (ideal for 20 inch transom height)
      Weight (incl. batttery) T: S: 22,2 kg / L: 22,6 kg
      R: S: 23,2 kg / L: 23,6 kg

      ** To compare Torqeedo static thrust data with conventional trolling motors, add approximately 50% to the Torqeedo static thrust values.