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REVOLVE Rollable Boathook

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Also Perfect for opening skylights & velux windows ! Very convenient to store afterwards.


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  • The Revolve Boat Hook uses advanced rollable composite technology and can be unrolled in a matter of seconds. It is ultralightweight and robust, with a total length of 6 ft. To store it, simply roll it back up, and it will fit into a 4.3″ x 4.7″ space, resulting in reduced deck clutter and minimal onboard storage space.
  • Full size boat hook (1.9m/75in)
  • Light and compact
  • Stows in the smallest spaces
  • Floats for easy recovery
  • Tough weatherproof finish
  • Great for tenders and jet skis!
  • Also very convenient for opening velux windows, skylights & sash windows. Easy storage after use !

Storage Size – the Revolve boat hook is constructed from an advanced patented rollable composite material from Rolatube. Unrolled in seconds, it is a light and strong, full sized 1.9m/6 ft boat hook weighing less than 450g  (1lb).  To store it, roll it back up and it will fit into a space 11 x 12cm (4.3 x 4.7in).  Deck clutter is reduced and minimal on-board storage space is taken up.

Buoyancy – the Revolve boat hook floats and has a high visibility design to enable it to be easily spotted and retrieved.

Functional – the combination of high strength injection moulding and non slip rubber makes it ideal for use as a boat hook or for fending off. A high grip foam handle is comfortable and convenient to use.

Lightweight  – the rollable composite material is incredibly light and strong making the Revolve boat hook around half the weight of traditional designs. Its light weight also means it won’t damage your deck if you drop it.

Maintenance Free – all the materials used in the construction are maintenance free and easy to wash down.

Tough, weatherproof finish – the Revolve boat hook is made to look good and stay looking good.

Modular system – the boat hook is part of the Revolve Deck Gear System. The boat hook can be swapped for other attachments reducing the need for multiple pieces of equipment and the space they inevitably take up.

Environment – The rollable boat hook and the rest of the deck gear system has the following core principles guiding its design and manufacture:

  • Supply chain prioritises locally sourced and supplied material
  • Packaging is minimal and made from recycled paper
  • Product is free of single use plastics and is end of life recyclable
  • Manufacture is a low energy process and does not produce any additional emissions at point of build

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Rolatube rollable composite technology is at the heart of everything we make and enables us to take a truly fresh and innovative approach to product design. Not being constrained by the limitations of traditional materials has meant we can create unique products with substantial benefits to their users.
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  We don't believe in change for that sake of it however, we focus on products where we know we can offer something that you will want to own, and enjoy using.