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KiwiGrip Non-Slip Paint



  • Monocomponent non-slip paint , without additives. The texture is obtained by varying the application technique.
  • One coat is enough to cover most surfaces
  • Very resistant acrylic polymer offering a durable, homogeneous and flexible surface.
  • Water color. Ecological , volatile solvent free, very low VOC content Clean with soap and water.
  • Simple to apply for a superb finish
  • Customizable non-slip colors and grip level
  • Roller Included
  • Also excellent for outdoor decking and concrete floors in homes and businesses
  • The 4L packs contain 4 x 1L pouches so you can work at your own pace !


Easy to Apply and Customizable Texture
KiwiGrip is a very resistant and high performance non-slip paint. It applies quickly and easily, thanks to its adapted roller provided. By varying the application technique, the texture of the anti-slip can go from light, for a pleasure boat, to more aggressive, for a ship or an industrial application.

Coverage A 1 liter pot of KiwiGrip
will cover 2-6 m2 and a 4 liter pot will cover up to 16 m2.

Resistant and Easy to maintain
Due to its homogeneous composition, KiwiGrip does not suffer from the problems encountered by other multi-component products. Unlike traditional anti-slip coatings or paints that tend to lose their fillers leaving a worn and dangerous deck, KiwiGrip is tough, easy to clean, touch up and even more so to repaint.

Available Colors
KiwiGrip is available in 5 colors selected for their low glare and ability to not heat up in the sun. Contains UV stabilizer for even color.

Approximate RAL
White – RAL 9016
Cream – RAL 1015
Blue – no RAL equivalent
Gray – RAL 7047
Black – RAL 9004

  • The 4L packs contain 4 x 1L pouches so you can work at your own pace !

Additional information

Weight N/A
Colour & Size

White 1L, White 4L, Blue 1L, Blue 4L, Grey 1L, Grey 4L, Cream 1L, Cream 4L, Black 1L, Black 4L


Kiwigrip non-slip paint

Kiwigrip non slip deck paint

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